>followed a link from WS facebook page and lookie what i found the aftermath of the snl weeaboo skit…


So, me and my friend (in DGM cosplay BTW) were walking around at Katsucon 17 (2011) and we happened to come across an Excalibur (Soul Eater) . Out of no where (as we were about to snap a photo of the awesome Excalibur cosplay) this huge chick in a sailor fuku cosplay (?) comes out of no where and demands us to take a picture of her and Excalibur.
…so me and my friend- being “nice” and considerate decided ‘Fine whatever, the faster we take this pic for her, the sooner she’ll leave’. So we took a picture of her (the picture you see now, was before she attacked us with her demands… I was so close to getting that PICTURE FUUUU)
After my friend took the picture, I decided to get my “ONLY EXCALIBUR” pic…but, as soon as my friend was about to give the Sailor Fuku girl her camera back, she darts off to some other Soul Eater cosplayers….
Then Excalibur took her mask/face off and was really sweet with us and told us:
“Here, I’ll give her back the camera.”
Me and my friend were like:
“are you sure? I mean we can give it to her.”
she said: “just go, haha.”
then we left, completely relieved and dumbfounded… never have we been told to do something without any thanks or regards- or for that matter- common sense…even at a con…why would you leave your things to complete strangers.
I thought Excalibur was supposed to be the annoying one… but that School girl chick was the “baka”.

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